Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Images in perspective

You are all artists.Hello students,

we are going to have a look at different images in perspective

Notice the depth in different pictures. 
Look what they have in common. 
The horizon and The vanishing point.

PROJECT 1: Draw our name in perspective.
PROJECT 2: Draw a landscape in perspective.
PROJECT 3: Take a funny picture in perspective.

This is the result of our 5th grade B students. Well done!!

Look at the funny pictures from 6th grade B! Excellent!!

And from 5th grade B... Woow! I'm so proud of my students!  You all have taken great pictures. 
You are all artists!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

3D hand drawing

Hello 5th and 6th grade students,

this is an example of you hand's picture in volume, in 3 Dimensions (3D).
First, you need to trace your hand in pencil.
Second, draw parallel lines using your ruler on the sides of the hand, but draw a curved line inside of it.
Next, draw the lines in black felt tip.
Finally, fill the lines in between in colours.

And this is the result. Good work!!